Anxiety is the absolute worst. Everyone struggles with it sometimes. But when fear and anxiety control our decisions, we can feel as though we don’t have any choices. When anxiety takes over, we might do some of the following things:

  • Hold back in social situations and miss out on opportunities
  • Passively accept unbearable situations
  • Obsess over food, eating, and weight
  • Remain silent regarding hurtful family problems
  • Repeat negative patterns in relationships
  • Ignore medical conditions and health concerns
  • Medicate feelings with food, alcohol, or drugs
  • Avoid bringing up problems with significant others
  • Feel shame, unworthiness, and self-doubt

It isn’t easy, but it is possible to recover from intense anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, and complicated family problems. It can be incredibly rewarding to let go of perfectionism, self-criticism, and feelings of inadequacy, and to live with greater authenticity.

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